Blammo: Onomatopoeia 12"

Blammo: Onomatopoeia 12"

Tags: · 20s · Atlanta · hcpmf · post-punk
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Short but sweet album of 10 songs by this trio. The duo of Sara and Tyler (who also populate Riboflavin) have single handedly revitalized punk in Atlanta over the last few years. Punk is in Atlanta equates to a benevolent lifetime of the people involved are not getting any younger (to put it nicely) and are very dedicated to this world we have carved out. As species age, the tribe decreases. Sara and Tyler are some of the most unique people I have ever met and I believe they are twins separated into different wombs who communicated with each other and somehow made their way back to each other. Anyways they have really helped our world blossom again, enticing people into becoming involved with punk from reaches that my fellow dinosaur punks may not have been able to. The freaks are definitely running wild at the disco!

Blammo is shambolic...simultaneously a mess and tightly wound. Tylers guitar sounds like a quaint ancetral guitar that is tuned to the sound of baseball cards in bicycle spokes. Fluttering around the hum of the bass mothership. Saras bass really anchors the songs to the earth and keep them from floating off into the astral world. Martin is the glasshouse that keeps these floating insect melodies encased in a beautiful structure for us all to see. they share a love for the German/Swiss/Austrian spectrum of punk/postpunk to the point where Sara even gives you some vocals in German on Im Nebel. I love these people and am glad to have them in my life. Even more happy to finally have their music committed to the physical world. Bandcamp link coming later today, cos I am obviously great at running a label. Check the handmade video for Pavewave off the record below til then!

These are all hand screenprinted from and back. Hand pasted on the cover. Hand stamped labels. This was definitely a labor of love. Comes with insert and sticker on LP sleeve. Given that the covers are pasted on, each one is unique. These are DIY to the fullest extent so keep that in mind! Limited to 100 copies!

Our take: State Laughter brings us the first release from this young group from Atlanta. Onomatopoeia’s beautiful DIY packaging will draw you in, but the music will keep your turntable busy, as this is unique and exciting stuff. Blammo’s minimalistic, bass-led sound might remind you of arty post-punk bands like Kleenex or As Mercenárias, but Blammo wanders out way further on the artistic ledge. The main vocalist alternates between a mocking baritone and a slurred speak-sing, often repeating incantatory phrases like “fortune favors the bold” until their meaning twists, inverts, and eventually dissolves. The rhythm section is the star of the instrumental show, grooving and hiccuping while the guitar, way back in the mix, pushes the limits of “thin and scratchy.” Blammo can be subtly poppy on a track like “Bad Advice,” but they’re as likely to be inscrutable, as they are on “The Wall.” It’s an intriguing mix, and if you like underground, contemporary art-punk like the Cochonne 12” on Sorry State or the recent album by XV we raved about, give this a shot.