Bikini Kill: S/T 12"

Bikini Kill Records


This is the 20th anniversary reissue of BIKINI KILLí´s debut 12" EP. Originally released in the fall of 1992, Bikini Kill comprises four songs recorded by IAN MACKAYE at Inner Ear Studios; one song from the band's 1991 demo cassette, record by PAT MALEY (Yo-Yo Studios); and one song recorded during Bikini Kill's live performance April 4th, 1992, at Washington, D.C.'s Sanctuary Theater. The vinyl reissue includes a new fanzine in the form of a 34"x21" poster featuring interviews with Ian MacKaye and MOLLY NEUMAN (BRATMOBILE), liner notes by LAYLA GIBBON (Skinned Teen, MRR), excerpts from the bandí´s zines (Bikini Kill #1 and #2, Jigsaw #4), and photos from the band members' personal archives.

Tags: 90s female-fronted reissues