Big Boys: Where's My Towel / Industry Standard 12"

Light in the Attic Records


Absolutely GORGEOUS reissue of this classic Big Boys 12", probably the hardest-to-find record in their discography save the debut "Frat Cars" 7". I've always though the Big Boys were a really interesting band because they went on for so long and encompassed so much. They started as kind of like KBD punk, went through a bunch of styles, embraced hardcore (ethically if not aesthetically) and then ended up as something totally unique, able to shift gears rapidly between breakneck hardcore punk and grooved-out funk. Where's My Towel is probably the band's most consistent record; at least, it's one of the only ones on which all of the songs sound like they were written by the same band. I wonder if the band were listening to lots of first-wave post-punk at this stage... I'm reminded a lot of Warsaw, early Wire, the Pop Group's more tuneful moments, and in general the more straightforward subset of the early Rough Trade Records crowd. Like the best of those bands, the Big Boys could both write a hook and ride a groove, and they do both admirably on this release. Features a much-expanded version of the original layout, including an awesome gatefold jacket. Light in the Attic Records

Tags: 70s 80s post-punk USA USHC