Big Boys: Lullabies Help the Brain Grow 12"

Light in the Attic Records


Absolutely gorgeous reissue of the Big Boys' next-to-last album on the great Light in the Attic label. Like LITA's recent Roky Erickson reissues, the utmost care is taken here to reproduce the original layout and sound, and they even add a cool obi strip to make things feel a little more special. As for the music, I think that all things considered this is probably the best Big Boys album. The only real remnant of their earlier post-punk stuff is "Sound on Sound," but it's probably the best track in that style that the band ever wrote. The rest of the LP finds the band sounding the most cohesive that they ever would, melding that driving funk-inspired bass thing with raging hardcore in a way that's simply perfect. In short, no band has ever sounded quite like the Big Boys, and this is the most "Big Boys" sounding record in their catalog. Everyone should probably have all of the Big Boys records in their collection, but if you had to pick just one this should probably be it.

Tags: 80s hardcore reissues