Big Boys: Fun Fun Fun 12"

540 Records


At the end of the day there really isn't a Big Boys record that you don't need, but at the same time I think that one could make a strong case for Fun Fun Fun being THE essential Big Boys 12". Somehow, the band manages to cram virtually everything that was great about them into only seven songs that range from blazing hardcore ("Apolitical"), to jittery post-punk ("Nervous"), to straight up funk ("Hollywood Swinging"), to one of the greatest melodic / catchy punk anthems of all time ("Fun Fun Fun"). So, basically, if you don't have this record and you love the early 80s punk scene you absolutely need to pick up this reissue. Even if you're a Big Boys fanatic, though, you probably still need this for the INCREDIBLE 24-page, 12"x12" booklet that's just overflowing with original photos, artwork, and other ephemera. Seriously, this thing is like a Big Boys coffee table book... absolutely, 100% essential. 540 Records

Tags: 80s reissues USA USHC