Big Box: Fucked at the Dump 12"

Posercore Records


One-sided 12" from this Iowa band featuring members of NERV, Supersonic Piss, and The Tanks. Really cool, catchy USHC... very limited and highly recommended!

Our take: Extremely limited new 12" from this Iowa band featuring members of the highly underrated NERV. While there's a little bit of that midwestern weirdness that makes NERV so great (in other words, there are some slight Mecht Mensch / Die Kreuzen vibes at work), Big Box are a little bit different. In a word, they're more melodic, melding overtly catchy melodies to a fast hardcore template. It's very California-sounding, but filtered through a knowledge of the wider USHC scene... moments remind me quite a bit of Government Warning, while the chorus of "Jerk Dreams" could have come from a Night Birds tune. They're pretty versatile, too... the title track is a darker, goth-tinged song that seems to betray the influence of early TSOL. It's a noteworthy record, I think, particularly since there aren't a lot of bands plying this style at the moment. It is very, very limited, though, so if your interest is piqued you'd best strike while the iron is hot because I don't think these will be restocked.
Tags: 10s hardcore midwest recommended ushc