Beyond Peace: What's There to Be So Proud of 7"

Beyond Peace: What's There to Be So Proud of 7"

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This is not superficial "I hate my job / don't talk to me" hardcore punk. It’s 2018: are you saying “fuck white pride” enough? This is Beyond Peace from Iowa City and their EP, "What's There To Be So Proud Of?"
I booked a show for Beyond Peace last year, and, while I liked their demo, their live set forced me to consider them as one of the most gripping bands I saw in 2017. "What's There To Be So Proud Of?" is the band's first EP after their demo-turned-7". Hardcore punk that's angry for all the right reasons.

400 copies, black vinyl (200 with red covers, 200 with blue covers)

Two color screenprinted covers by Nightmare Imagery, 7”x14” insert, heavy duty stamped paper sleeves: “a nice package”

Our take: Second EP from this band out of Iowa. I quite enjoyed their first self-released EP (which, as of this writing, we still have in stock). I find that there’s often something special about hardcore bands from outside the major metropolitan centers. Like older bands such as Clitboys and Mecht Mensch, there’s something slightly left of center about the way that Beyond Peace approaches hardcore, and I’m always drawn to bands like this. Nowhere is this more apparent than the record’s short and sweet opener, “Burn It Down,” which is built around quirky, lunging rhythms that come at you like a deranged person with a rusty knife. I also really like the whiplash tempo changes on “What’s There to Be Proud of?” and the noisy guitar chords that pop up in “Staring Problem.” If your idea of hardcore is a bunch of kids banging away in a basement in Nowheresville, USA trying to play as fast as possible, you should check out this record and get your annual reminder that the spirit is alive and well.