Banhof: February 82 7"

No Plan Records

$3.25 $6.50

The history of Italian Punk Rock can´t be told without mentioning Bahnhof. This band from Milan formed in 1979 and broke up in 1984 after their singer was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. Their only legacy is a 4 song cassette, finally released on vinyl. Anthemic Punk Rock sung in English.

Our take: Reissue of the lone 7" by this early Italian punk band. While Italian punk would eventually be known for the wildness of bands like Wretched, Banhof are clearly more inspired by early British oi! They really do nail the sound, though, with perfect vintage production and catchy terrace chant melodies. This could fit right on the early No Future catalog alongside bands like Blitz, the Partisans, and Crux. It doesn't exactly transcend the genre, but if you're a fan of the UK classics this 7" will definitely get plenty of plays on your turntable, and the reissue is exceedingly well done and sounds fantastic.
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