Ausencia: S/T 7"

DiscosMMM Records


LA’s AUSENCIA put to vinyl 4 songs from their excellent demo tape. Remixed and mastered, these tracks sound better than ever. AUSENCIA features regulars of the LA punk scene but brings a much more melodic punk, even French Oi-influenced feel to their sound. Comparisons therefore gravitate towards Camera Silens or Komintern Sect, which are not unfounded. The songs are uplifting with gruff vocals and a knack for superb song structure. The title track “Ausencia” is an unstoppable anthem, just try not to sing along with the chanting chorus again and again and again. Art done by Krab and risograph design/packaging by Abe Social. One time press of 400.

Our take: Debut 7" from this new oi! band out of LA. Like a few recent bands including Rixe and Contingent, Ausencia are repping their French oi! influences... I'm no scholar on that style, but basically what I take that to mean is that they play more of a mid-paced, melodic style of oi! than the gruffer, tougher stuff that labels like No Future and and Riot City traded in. That's not to say that if you dig the UK classics you won't like this... in fact, some of these ultra catchy guitar lines on this 7" remind me of some of the best Cock Sparrer songs, and the big hooks are very much in the vein of classic early records by bands like the Business and the Cockney Rejects. The danger of playing this more melodic style of oi! is that you might end up sounding like Dropkick Murphys or something, but Ausencia keep things suitably raw and punk and are in no danger of getting signed to Epitaph, or even Hellcat for that matter. Four tracks of PUNK, and like everything on Discos MMM this rips.
Tags: 10s hardcore los angeles melodic oi! punk recommended