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Artcore #40 zine + NOTA 7"

Artcore #40 zine + NOTA 7"

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Issue #40 is the 35 year anniversary issue of Artcore and features in depth interviews with STRIKE ANYWHERE and VICIOUS DREAMS from the US, Finland’s KOHTI TUHOA, and DIAZ BROTHERS, THE CHISEL and DEALING WITH DAMAGE from the UK. Vaultage uncovers the history of legendary Boise thrashers SEPTIC DEATH, features an unpublished JAWBREAKER interview from 1991, Californian peace punks ICONOCLAST, and last but not least KÄRNVAPEN ATTACK - SWEDISH HARDCORE HISTORY, a 10,000 word article put together by Helge Schreiber exclusively for Artcore featuring interviews with TOTALITÄR, MOB 47, CRUDE SS, ANTI CIMEX, RÖVSVETT, AVSKUM, THE BRISTLES, PROTES BENGT, FILTHY CHRISTIANS and THE BEDRÖVLERS. To round off this 40 page printed zine there are the usual warped record and zine reviews.

Artcore proudly presents the official reissue of the Moscow 7” EP by N.O.T.A., a true hardcore punk classic from Oklahoma in 1984. The EP features four songs remixed from the original tapes by Martin Halstead, who made the original recordings; ‘This Country (Once Was Free)’, ‘The Enemy’, ‘Taking Away Your Rights’, and ‘Moscow’. The recordings were also then remastered to breathe new life and power into this gem of U.S. hardcore history. The original sleeve has been expanded into a 12 page booklet containing the original lyric sheets, photos, flyers and band history, the 7” is on random colour vinyl (charcoal grey/black) and contains a download code of the blazing digital versions. Finally, to top off the release there is the option of a short run of N.O.T.A. Moscow t-shirts, white print on black Gildan Ultra shirts that are only available with the zine and extremely limited blue vinyl version 7” from Boss Tuneage while stocks last (sold out).

Our take: This came out a few months ago, but y’all snapped up our copies in just a couple of days and I wasn’t able to write about it. Fortunately Artcore made some more copies, because this package is well worth your time. First up, you get the latest issue of the long-running UK zine Artcore. Welly notes in his intro that it’s the 35th anniversary of Artcore, which is incredible. If you’ve seen Artcore before, this issue sticks to their standard format, which focuses on very detailed band interviews (Strike Anywhere, the Chisel, Septic Death, Jawbreaker, and more) with another healthy chunk devoted to the Vaultage section, which features historical / archaeological pieces like this issue’s lengthy article on 80s Swedish hardcore. A few review round things out. The last few issues of Artcore have come with a bonus 7” EP, and this time it’s a reissue of Oklahoma hardcore band N.O.T.A.’s 1984 7” Moscow. For me, Moscow is a top-shelf 80s USHC banger. It’s loud and fast all the way through, and each of its four tracks has something unique to offer, whether it’s the anthemic “Take Away Your Rights” or the title track’s second wave UK punk groove, which sounds like something Toxic Reasons might have done in their early days. The reissue says it’s remixed and remastered, but I A/B’d it with my original pressing and it doesn’t sound too different, which is a good thing because the original is already a great record. The EP’s jacket is expanded to a booklet that reproduces the original artwork, but adds a heap of photos, flyers, and a detailed band history. A top-notch music zine and a classic record? What’s not to love?