Anxiety: Wild Life 7"

Anxiety: Wild Life 7"

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4 Track EP Wild Life was recorded in the aftermath of Anxiety’s debut self-titled release and is sharper but messier, more dystopian, bloodier and more viscous. Here Anxiety draw more on an industrialised take on Crass Records back cat and falling-apart HC, continuing the abstract moroseness that defined their debut. Recorded again with How To Make Sushi, Wild Life is drowned in distortion and short delay, cut out alive from a drain in the poorest, dirtiest bathrooms of short term tenancy Glasgow. Driven by all-consuming bass riffs, the guitars are obliterated by distortion, the vocals off the hook, one-take, warts and burps. The snare a morse code reminding you you’ve nowhere to go.

How come the songs are so short? The songs are about animals, about never having anything, about being too wrong all the time. Because you’re not worth it.

Wild Life comes housed in a wraparound sleeve designed between Sebastian Rivera and Kay Logan. Comes with lyric insert and download code.

Our take: Anxiety’s 12” from last year knocked a lot of us out, so this new EP comes with much anticipation. It’s hardly a rehash of the 12”, though… to me, it seems like Anxiety has dialed back some of the more blatant anarcho leanings on the 12”, moving toward more of an “abstract hardcore” type of sound than a retro anarcho one… in other words, less Subhumans / Crass, more Iron Lung Records-type stuff, or maybe the more out-there bands on LVEUM like Barcelona or Una Bestia Incontrolable (or Paco’s own band The Lowest Form). While I’m sure some people out there will miss the catchiness of the LP, the songs on this EP are still very much in my wheelhouse, and I think that fans of the aforementioned labels / bands will be pretty darn pleased as well. Highly recommended, particularly if you like your hardcore a bit on the arty side.