Anxiety Hammer: What Stands Between Us 7"

Curtain Fire Records


Five song stomping hardcore 7" from Philadelphia. Straight and to the point. Recorded by Arthur Rizk. Members from Salvation, Society Nurse, Perfume River, etc.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this excellent band out of Philadelphia. Man, Philly is looking really good lately with solid hardcore bands like Anxiety Hammer, the Stasi, Blank Spell, and the Brood, as well as more melodic bands like Sheer Mag and Dark Thoughts. As for Anxiety Hammer, they play a really interesting style of thick, kind of mid-paced and slightly metallic hardcore. Something about this record makes me feel like it could have been released on Pusmort in the 80s... it reminds me of bands like Christ on Parade and Final Conflict in that it's thick, crunchy, and slightly metallic, but doesn't have flashy metal solos. It's mid-paced and catchy in a way that brings to mind any number of UK82 greats, but without sounding like a tribute to that style at all. In a word, Anxiety Hammer just sound punk... so if you're a devout follower of some microgenre or another you may not see the appeal here, but if you like your bands to have a voice that's straightforward, unique, confident, and powerful you'll love this. A really brilliant record, and as with any Matthew Adis project you can rest assured the artwork is great as well.
Tags: 10s hardcore noisy yoobl