Anarquia Vertical: Guerra Higienica 7"

Antitodo Records

$9.35 $11.00

Debut 7" from this new hardcore band out of Barcelona... fast and wild, Wretched-style.

Our take: Man, a 10-song 7"... you don't see these every day! Well, I suppose a 10 song 7" could mean that this is some crummy power violence, but this is pure hardcore. I love it when bands cram a million raging songs onto a piece of vinyl because it feels like they have all of these ideas that they're trying to communicate and they want to get as many of them across as they can in the space allotted. In that sense, this EP reminds me of anything from the Negative Approach EP to Pick Your King to the Teen Idles EP to Koro... but what it sounds most like is the great, wild, and furious early years of Italian hardcore. Though this band is from Spain, there's an unhinged quality to their music that reminds me a lot of bands like Wretched and early Indigesti, but even faster. Maybe CCM would also be an apt comparison? At any rate, this EP is straight fire, and I have a feeling that if I were fluent in Spanish I'd probably like the lyrics as much as I like the music. I haven't really seen anyone talking about this, so get in the ground floor... this thing is absolutely explosive.
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