Ajax: S/T 7"

Beach Impediment Records


NYC’s finest follow up their demo and 7” on Katorga Works, along with their appearance on the HARDCORE: GIMME SOME MORE compilation, with what could very well be their best material to date! The four tracks on this new recording continue to exhibit the band’s perfected blend of USHC combined with the best of Sweden with harsh vocals barked over TOTALITAR influenced riffing. Saying that this release is essential would be an understatement. Each record comes in a full color glue pocket sleeve adorned with artwork by Shiva Addanki.

Our take: 3rd 7" (or maybe 2nd proper 7"?) from this New York band... they're pretty much cream of the crop as far as the style of music that Beach Impediment typically releases, so it makes sense that they would end up there. Really, there aren't too many surprises here... the guitar sound is a bit noisier than I might have expected, but you aren't really coming to this record for innovation, you're coming to it to hear perfectly-executed hardcore in the vein of classics like Poison Idea, Negative Approach and SOA, and that's precisely what you get. Sick artwork, sick riffs, a perfect recording, and completely explosive energy. This delivers on all fronts.
Tags: 10s hardcore nyc punk recommended ushc yoobl