Zbombardowana Laleczka: Jarocin '85 12"

Zbombardowana Laleczka: Jarocin '85 12"

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ZBOMBARDOWANA LALECZKA, originating from Poznań, was active in the years 1983-1986. It was one of the few groups active in Poland, whose character clearly pointed to the inspiration of the UK peace-punk scene. Echoes of Poison Girls, Crass or Flux Of Pink Indians permeated their own view of music and message.

Another distinctive element of the band was its line-up, which deviated from the standard of the all-male band of the time. In the first half of the 80s, there were only a few punk or post-punk bands with female members (e.g. FORNIT, ATAK, TILT, BIAŁE WULKANY, BIKINI, KONTROLA W., DZIECI KAPITANA KLOSSA or the aforementioned KBW). For many people the performances of ZBOMBARDOWANE LALECZKA with the vocalist Gertruda were the first encounter with a strong female vocal in the Polish punk band.

The group’s message was no less important than the music. It was a direct and loud protest against war, militarism and violence. As reality shows, it unfortunately sounds extremely current and striking again today. The band’s poignant lyrics and music were complemented by graphic accents created by them – collages, posters or the band’s fanzine distributed at the shows.

Unfortunately, despite their great potential, the band never managed to enter the studio. They did not left any record or cassette release, and the only trace they left behind was a cassette compilation “Róbrege ’85”, which featured the song “Dzieci umierają pierwsze”. The same song, recorded during the performance in Jarocin ’85, was used in Piotr Łazarkiewicz’s film “Fala”. Both festivals were certainly the most important events in the history of the band, and thanks to them, the memory of the group had a chance to survive despite the lack of releases. The photo session for one of the first issues of “Wprost” magazine from 1983 is also worth noting.

Apart from the aforementioned cassette compilation and the recording in the legendary film “Fala”, there were also poor quality live recordings circulating among the collectors. This release doubly fills an important gap in the history of 80s punk. The band Zbombardowana Laleczka not only debuts on the vinyl, but after 37 years also for the first time their full material will be heard in a good quality, previously completely unavailable. The recordings made during the performance on the main stage (for which the band qualified without sending an submission tape!) are 95% soundboard recording, and with the transfer from the original reel-to-reel tape and mastering at the invaluable Studio As One, the whole sounds excellent and we are sure that with this album the band will be given their rightful place in the history of the Eastern Bloc punk movement.

Due to its historical value, we decided to include on the album the full performance of the band, including the song which was interrupted by the organizers due to fights in front of the stage. After about an hour break the band managed to present the whole programme.

Traditionally, like the other items from the series of recordings of punk from Jarocin festival presented by Warsaw Pact Records/Archiwum Trasa W-Z, the album comes with a gatefold cover and this time with two additional booklets: one with the history of the band, photos, collages and graphics and the other with a faithful reproduction of the zine published by the band in the 80s + poster.