Massacre: The History cassette

Massacre: The History cassette

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MASSACRE were the pioneers of Finnish thrash / metal punk and the band is worldwide known for their killer tracks such as Kuollut maailma, Rikkaat on köyhiä and Rotat.

In 1986 Absolutely Sweet Tapes (Finland) released a 60-minute "The history... so far!" compilation tape featuring material from Massacre's very early hardcore years up until their more metallic sound of 1986.

As many other DIY releases also this tape has been hard to find for more than 30 years. In October 2021 Finnish Hardcore will officially reissue it as an hand-numbered edition with three extra tracks, double sided sleeve and an insert featuring Pete's (guitar + vox) original liner notes from '86 and an English interview from 1985.

The compilation is a mix of rough rehearsal & home studio tracks, live versions as well as official studio recordings. The 2021 reissue lacks three tracks of the original 1986 tape ("Kuolema" studio & live versions and Sex Pistols cover "New York"). These are replaced with Pahaa unta (demo ´84), Fire (demo '86) and Heaven & Hell (demo '86).