Skitklass: Primitiv Kansla CD

Skitklass: Primitiv Kansla CD

Tags: · 10s · D-beat · hardcore · hcpmf · Japan
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Cardboard pizza box + can badge included (1 randomly selected from 6 types). Please note that the flexi disc purchase lottery ticket that was included in the first edition will not be included.

The 2019 1st full album finally released by SKIT KLASS, a group that suddenly emerged from the beginning of 2018, and whose identity is completely mysterious due to its strange mask appearance, and who caught people in a whirlpool of confusion and impulse on both the stage And the release strategy! Contrary to its inflexible presence, the work that presents the denial and rebellion of the music genre of hardcore punk that occurred in the early 1980s, and the philosophy of destruction in such a pure form is nowadays. have it? The answer is no! All 16 songs on side A, which is full of primitive and raw aggression, and side B, which strikes metaphysical chaos, are too absurd to be dropped in such an era, coupled with the amazing impact of jacket artwork. So be careful, they're so close!
(FRAMTID.REVENGE RECORDS) Peel off the eyeballs and take a closer look! Listen carefully to the holes in your ears! "SKITKLASS" is my best rock illustration! You can say with confidence that you have surpassed trash. Of course, the contents are also super ultra'B'KLASS !!
( Keizo Miyanishi)

SKIT KLASS, which has a series of smash hits, will release a second album. I listened to the master sound source, but the jacket design was ... THE STALIN --Mr. Keizo Miyanishi who drew trash! I have no choice but And it is said that a lottery ticket for purchasing flexi discs is included in the sound source, and mask masks who can not cry again. There seems to be a one-man live on December 7th, so let's finish this year with SKIT KLASS.
(Noriyasu Imamura / POGO77 RECORDS)

At the beginning of the production, half of the records were "STUDIO Take" and the other half were "Different Dimension LIVE", but I was completely deceived by this. The number of songs recorded in the master sound source passed for the CD is nine."Different dimension LIVE" refers to this 9th song, but it is different from "LIVE" that you might think of. SKITKLASS may have chosen this word to mean "life" or "live". In a sense, it will be like a Spoiler, So I Will Avoid Mentioning The Details Of The Recording, But The Sound Contained In This One Track Will Be Accompanied By A Scene. Well, In That Sense, It May Be "LIVE". PRIMITIV KANSLA, A Primitive Sensation. Only When you close your eyes can you see the scenery. (Ryu Ando / BREAK THE RECORDS)