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Maggot Brain Issue #6 zine

Maggot Brain Issue #6 zine

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Amazing unseen image of Bikini Kill live at CBGB in 1990, by MIKE GALINSKY -- the accompanying feature is a lengthy photo essay exploring indie-rock in the early 1990s, with tremendous behind-the-scenes, unpublished black-and-white film images of Sonic Youth, Unwound, Mary Timony, Sleepyhead, Half Japanese, and more.
In addition to Luc Sante’s ridiculously good ‘Pinakothek’ column where he goes off on one image, we have: John Colpits AKA Kid Millions on Miles Cooper Seaton (RIP); the forgotten brilliance of bluesy hip-hop pioneers New Kingdom; the tape column on new tape releases; Susan Bernofsky on her Robert Walser bio; The Clean's singer and guitarist David Kilgour on the long-awaited Stephen reissue plus a lot more; the enduring goofy excellence of ELO’s ‘Out of the Blue’; Legendary Japanese hardcore guitarist Zigyaku from Gudon talks with Takeshi from Boris for the ‘One on One’ column; a look at Peter Williams (RIP)’s installation at MOCAD; and strange and delightful vernacular dome-shaped roadside architecture, just because.


Michael Klausman on the great new age synth Christian hippie slowpop duo PLANETARY PEACE; Sarah Cozort on the works and lasting influence of artworld heroes THE GUERILLA GIRLS; RJ Smith investigates ENDLESS BOOGIE on the eve of the release of what’s probably the year’s best record; Andy Beta on percussionist VALENTINA MAGALETTI; infamous Japanese hardcore punk guitarist ZIGYAKU interviewed by Takeshi of Boris; guitarist SARAH LOUISE gets down and spiritual with saxophonist ARCHIE SHEPP; Adam Woodhead chats with the storied (sorry) bookseller and publisher AARON COMETBUS; Australian writer Peter Doyle really lets loose on classic COUNTRY DRINKIN’ SONGS; Kelley Stoltz and David Buick in conversation with Echo and the Bunnymen’s WILL SERGEANT and Primal Scream’s BOBBY GILLESPIE on the eve of Third Man Books’ publication of their debut memoirs; “New Narrative” alum CAMILLE ROY interviewed by Sara Jaffe; and a solid selection of CHRISTINE SHIELDS’s genius fantasy face paintings. Whew.

Our take: I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again: Maggot Brain is killing it, and it’s an essential read for anyone into the sounds of the underground. Maggot Brain reminds me of late 80s-era Forced Exposure in that they cover what they’re passionate about without regard to how many units it’s moved, focusing on out-there sounds from the fringes of the underground. Rather than hailing things for obscurity’s sake, Maggot Brain is devoted to widening their readers’ musical horizons, pushing against all the algorithmically generated recommendations designed to give you more of the same. Maggot Brain is also just good reading; I read every issue cover to cover, and even if a particular artist isn’t something I’d check out on my own time, it’s cool to know a little about who they are and what they’re doing. Oh, and there is always some punk rock content, of course! This issue features an interview with Zigyaku from Gudon, Bastard, and Judgement (an abridged version of a piece that appeared on General Speech’s website a few months back), a conversation with / about Aaron Cometbus, and a photo spread with a bunch of unseen photos from the late 80s / early 90s punk / indie scene, alongside content about genres as diverse as jazz, new age, country, and classic rock, among many others. Like I said, Maggot Brain is essential reading for the open-minded music fan.