Various: Punks In Peoria 12"

Various: Punks In Peoria 12"

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14-song document of the DIY punk/alternative scene in Peoria, Illinois, from its hardcore roots in the early 1980s through the late '90s. The album highlights out-of-print punk rock anthems, unreleased demos and rare studio tracks alongside extensive liner notes, photos and a scene poster.

This compilation is the companion soundtrack to the book Punks In Peoria: Making A Scene In The American Heartland by Jonathan Wright and Dawson Barrett, published by University of Illinois Press.

Punks In Peoria documents the evolution of the DIY punk scene in Peoria, Illinois—from its primal beginnings in the early 1980s to the dawn of the digital era. A lovingly curated collection of long-lost gems and hometown favorites from “Anytown U.S.A.,” it connects the varied work of disaffected youth across nearly two decades and multiple “generations” of Peoria punks, performers and scenesters.

From Midwest hardcore legends Constant Vomit and Caustic Defiance to the inimitable shock rocker Bloody Mess, the Peoria punk scene was built on the DIY spirit from the very beginning. As it grew beyond the rudiments of hardcore, the Peoria scene mirrored the larger slicing and dicing of post-punk into ever-narrower sub-genres—embracing goth, synth, pop, psychedelia, metal, and more.

Amidst the post-Nirvana haze of the early ‘90s, the gritty melodies of Dollface paved the way for a new generation of Peoria youth—some of whom would go on to tour the world in bands like Minsk and Planes Mistaken for Stars. This record is a document of that musical journey.

- Limited-edition 160-gram color vinyl LP
- 20pt board jacket
- Full-color printed inner sleeve featuring band photos and detailed liner notes
- 18” x 24” poster featuring an extensive collection of flyers from the 1980s to the 2000s.