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Castillo: S/T 12"

Castillo: S/T 12"

Tags: · 20s · hcpmf · melodic · oi!
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About a year ago I got in contact with Alex Zambrano because I was curious about two bands he had been involved with: COMBAT FORCE and REPEAT OFFENDER. We didn’t know each other, never talked before, and 3 weeks later REPEAT OFFENDER’s Demo 7” was ready to send to press.

And not too long after that, he was already sending me something else, a personal project born during lockdown, with his good friend on drums while he played everything else.

Less than a year later, we’ve done 3 records together. I think I have messaged him this past year more than any of my family members combined! It’s been such a weird year, for me, for him, for everyone. But in the most difficult situations, we are still lucky to meet amazing, hard-working and easy-going people, and he’s definitely one of them.

CASTILLO is his latest effort to please our ears and terrorize the masses with fucking winner riffs. This one-sided 12" contains 5 tracks of thick-guitars, epic licks & leads, incredible bass lines and stomping drum beats. It sounds raw yet melodic, and has crushing power. It’s just perfect!