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Hwanza: Demo 7"

Hwanza: Demo 7"

Tags: · 20s · hardcore · hcpmf · south korea
Huayno Amargo
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Demo from a couple years ago that needed to come out in vinyl. It’s been a struggle to get this record out of Covid hell plus production nightmares 2020. Feel the punch in the face, piss and blood hardcore coming out of Korea think of dirty version of Negative approach, DYS “Wolfpack years”, Cadaver dog  with a touch of Japanese punk I’d say for good measure. The music sounds like somebody beat the shit out of you!!! vocals are raw and angry sung in Korean and English just in case you are too offended by the lack of translations . Fuck you here is Hwanza!

Hwanza's bandcamp:

The band sent us this link with the lyrics translated from Korean to English:

Our take: South Korea’s Hwanza released these songs as a demo back in 2019, but Huayno Amargo wisely decided these tracks needed to be on vinyl. While Hwanza is based in Seoul, you’d be forgiven for thinking this band comes from the contemporary Los Angeles hardcore scene populated by bands like Blazing Eye and Hate Preachers. Like those bands, Hwanza has a gritty hardcore sound that has one foot in the big, crowd-pleasing mosh riffs of bands like Gag and S.H.I.T. and another in the world of cult 80s Japanese punk. While the music is energetic and explosive, it has a cultish, artsy sense of cool that I love. The artwork has the same vibe, combining a handmade aesthetic with creepy, damaged imagery. Hwanza may not be as on the nose as their labelmates Pesadilla in emulating old Japanese punk, but by borrowing the high energy level of the best contemporary hardcore punk bands, they arrive at something that’s just as strong, if not stronger.