HHH: Solidhardcore 12"
HHH: Solidhardcore 12"

HHH: Solidhardcore 12"

Tags: · 80s · hardcore · hcpmf · recommended · reissues · Spain
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LP reissue of this Spanish hardcore band's 1985 cassette.

NOTE: We have copies on different color vinyl. We will select copies for orders at random.

Our take: Spain’s Discos Enfermos brings us this Spanish hardcore band’s 1985 cassette-only release on a great-looking new vinyl version. I’m going to give it to you straight on this one and list some of my observations about this record:
  • It sounds like shit.
  • The band plays really sloppy.
  • This recording has perhaps the worst bass tone I’ve ever heard in my life.
  • The influences are obvious (Discharge and G.B.H.).
  • I mean it really sounds like shit. The drums and bass are super muffled and the guitar tone is so biting it hurts your teeth.
  • There appear to be problems with the source material as there are occasional drop-outs.

If these are pros to you, buy this record. If they are cons, consider one of the thousands of other records we carry here at Sorry State. But I should tell you that you also miss out on a pretty cool poster insert.