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Paranoid: Kind of Noise 12"

Paranoid: Kind of Noise 12"

Tags: · 10s · D-beat · hardcore · hcpmf · noisy · punk-metal · sweden
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Single-side 12" version. Re-issue of 偏執症者 (Paranoid)’s Kind Of Noise7” with 2 bonus tracks from the super rare ‘KAOS’ Flexi. This release sees paranoid do what they do best, raging noise drenched, metal tinged d-beat chaos! 

Our take: Latest 4-song EP from Sweden’s Paranoid. If, like me, you weren’t really feeling the more polished, metallic sound of last year’s Heavy Mental Fuck-Up LP, it’s worth giving Paranoid another chance, as these four tracks are full-on, noisy Disclose worship. That being said, there are subtle touches that make it more than a generic d-beat workout. There are the cool tempo changes on the second track, a nice, semi-melodic guitar solo in the 3rd, and some intense near-blasting-speed drumming in the final track. That final track reminds me of D-Clone’s crazed attack, and it’s a style I hope the band explores further. Also, note this record is limited to 250 numbered copies, and it’s already sold out from the band, so Sorry State is your only bet for picking up the vinyl on this one.

Our take: Paranoid’s Kind of Noise 7” came out as a tiny, 250-copy edition back in 2019. Of course that release sold out immediately, so Viral Age Records from the UK has stepped in and reissued it as a one-sided 12” with the two tracks from Paranoid’s Kaos flexi, which seems even harder to find. If you’re wondering what era of Paranoid this comes from, that’s a kind of complicated question. Kind of Noise came out in 2019, after Heavy Mental Fuck-up! and Cover of the Month found the band moving toward a metal / rock-influenced sound a la Venom. However, Kind of Noise was full-on d-beat, sounding like Paranoid was taking inspiration from noisy Japanese bands like Zyanose and D-Clone. I really liked Kind of Noise when it came out, and this expanded 12” version is even better. In addition to the extra songs, the packaging gets some nice upgrades including a beautiful obi, a glossy jacket, and a heavy PVC sleeve. If you’re missing these gems from deep in Paranoid’s discography, I’d jump on this release while you can.