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Electric Chair: Social Capital 7"

Electric Chair: Social Capital 7"

Tags: · 20s · hardcore · hcpmf · recommended · USHC · washington
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NOTE: Our copies currently in stock are repress with uncoated/matte sleeve.

Picking up right where "Performative Justice" left off with ELECTRIC CHAIR cranking out their pitch perfect hyper active USHC filled to the brim with snarl and style. These manglers have sharpened their sticks and aimed them square at the hackneyed garbage parade that is modern society, just jabbing away at it until all thats left is a bloodied lump and maybe a tooth or something. Listen and bear witness to one of the best punk bands of our generation doing what needs to be done.

Our take: This week we got a limited restock of the latest Electric Chair EP, Social Capital, which came out back in April but sold through its initial pressing instantaneously, before we even wrote about it for the Sorry State newsletter (though Rich gave it some love in his staff pick). While I didn’t try to sell you on this EP because I didn’t have any copies to sell you, it hit me hard when I took it home. At Sorry State we’ve been into Electric Chair since they released Public Apology back in 2018, and we’ve sung the praises of all of their records. Social Capital is different, though. As killer as Performative Justice was, Social Capital is even better. Why? Honestly, I’m struggling to articulate it. I have listened to this record so much in the past few months and I’ve been playing it on repeat to prepare for writing this description, but I just can’t put my finger on why it’s so great. Yeah, the riffs are killer, it has these wild guitar leads, the most epic drum fills, and vocals that are savage yet catchy, but their other records had those things too. Where Social Capital stands apart is in the subtle ways it owns Electric Chair’s voice as a hardcore band. It sounds totally unique, but it is 100% hardcore. I’ve often written about how truly great records pull you into their world and make you see it through a different lens, and Social Capital does just that. Through Electric Chair’s lens the world seems irrational, hypocritical, and maybe even pointless, and the only sane reaction is go wild and fuck shit up. For my money, Social Capital is the single best hardcore record we’ve seen in the 2020s so far, and if you only own one hardcore record from this young decade, this should be it.