Spice Girls: Spice World 12"

Spice Girls: Spice World 12"

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Just a year into their career, Spice Girls had become a phenomenon. Every market in the world – even the hitherto pop-resistant US – had taken "Wannabe" to the top of the charts, and the frenzied momentum was gathering yet greater pace. With the band's debut album, Spice, already on its way to becoming one of the best-selling records of all time, the group found themselves with a movie to make, endless promotion and marketing commitments, and, of course, the recording of what would become their follow-up album, Spiceworld.

Despite the potential distractions, Spiceworld, recorded on the run between takes on the movie and other promotional duties, has a laser-like focus on the reasons behind Spice Girls' continued appeal: outstanding pop songs. There was a noticeable scaling up of the tracks you could dance to, but still space for two of their strongest ballads. "Spice Up Your Life" was an early standard-bearer for the Latin pop explosion that was then just a year away from breaking into the mainstream with acts like Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias. Issued as Spiceworld's first single, in October 1997, a few weeks ahead of the album launch, it became Spice Girls' fifth consecutive No. 1 in their homeland.

Spiceworld proved unstoppable. It's second single, "Too Much" – the band's last US Top 10 hit to date, but yet another No. 1 in the UK – slowed the tempo, and the slinky multi-vocal ballad became the second of the group's three consecutive Christmas No. 1s in the UK. With the album's third single, "Stop," also among the first three cuts at the very start of the record, the sequencing provided a powerful kick-off to a 90s pop masterpiece. "Stop's" Motown-flavored melody may have, surprisingly, broken the consecutive run of No. 1s in the group's homeland, but it went silver and remains one of the band's best remembered songs. If there's a song that perhaps sums up Spiceworld's overall appeal, it's the retro-disco jam "Never Give Up On The Good Times." This – and the whole album – is really the sound of five young women having a laugh.

For the first time since 1997, Spiceworld will be available on vinyl pressed in a deluxe 180g LP edition with its original artwork!