Repeat Offender: Demo 7"

Repeat Offender: Demo 7"

Tags: · 20s · california · hardcore · hcpmf · oi! · USHC
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REPEAT OFFENDER catched our attention since the very first second on the opening riff of their first song, what a fantastic way to start off!! I was hooked up immediately by these 6 monumental tracks of ealy US Hardcore with a proper dose of Punk/OI! influences.

The crunchy sound, the perfect balance between melody and roughness, the crispy and organic sound of drums and bass, the raspy vocal delivery, the awesome guitar work with only winner riffs and spot on distortion, i wish i'd know more english to try to describe properly how i feel listening to these songs without sounding stupid!!

6 tracks favouring the mid tempo stomp, with 2 fast raggers thrown in for a good measure make this a perfect debut for this Los Angeles band. Their demo tape was released in March and sold out shortly after so now we are bringing you the vinyl version of this gem.

Our take: You can probably take one glance at the Nicky Rat layout on this 7” and know whether or not it’s for you, but I’ll expound a little further in case you want to confirm. Mendeku Diskak is a label from Basque Country that specializes in oi! music from that region, but they’ve stepped out of their normal lane to press this LA band’s demo to vinyl. It’s no surprise it appealed to them, because this is exactly the kind of hardcore you love if your tastes also include some oi! Repeat Offender reminds me of the oi!-tinged New Wave of British Hardcore and Boston Crew bands of a few years ago… bands like Violent Reaction, Boston Strangler, and the Flex. Their music encompasses bruising SOA-style bashers, more mid-paced knuckle-draggers, and a few songs with a rock and roll swing to them a la Negative Approach’s “Nothing” or the catchier early Blitz songs. Six tracks appear here, and everything is perfectly executed with the right mixture of power and grit. If you’re into this strain of purist hardcore, this record ticks every box.