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My War #7 zine

My War #7 zine

Tags: · hardcore · hcpmf · punk · recommended · zines
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US version of this cool zine with live shots and interviews with current bands. This volume includes an interview with Sorry State's own Mutant Strain!

This issue also includes interviews with:
-Oily Boys
-Tom Moran
-Plague 13
-Crimes of The Crown
-Cage Kicker

Our take: Latest issue of this hardcore zine out of Belgium. We’ve carried previous issues of My War but they’ve been quite expensive thanks to the exchange rate, shipping, and the zine’s full color print job. This time around we printed copies here in the US, photocopied in black and white so they’re way cheaper. As before, My War focuses almost entirely on band interviews. However, these aren’t the poor quality interviews you see in a lot of punk zines. It’s clear Kristof puts a lot of work into his interviews. He understands the bands and their music and goes much deeper than you see in a typical interview. While some people may not like the format—I believe Kristof conducts the interviews asynchronously via email—these interviews allow for deeper and more thorough responses to the thoughtful questions. The highlight for me is the interview with Sorry State’s own Mutant Strain, but Kristof also talks to Oily Boys, Tom Moran (Heavy Discipline, White Stains, Loose Nukes, No Time, Blood Pressure, etc.), Plague 13, Crimes of The Crown, Mentira, and Cage Kicker. Obviously we believe in what Kristof is doing since we helped print and distribute copies in the US, and I think if you like the Sorry State newsletter and website you will enjoy My War.