Old Lines / Will Potter: To Build a Fire 7"

Old Lines / Will Potter: To Build a Fire 7"

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A collaboration between punk rock mainstays “Old Lines” and author Will Potter, featuring two new songs and two new spoken word tracks by Potter.


"Baltimore’s salty hardcore heroes Old Lines (founded by Mitch Roemer, formerly of Pulling Teeth and Ruiner) have teamed up with social activist Will Potter to release a split EP, To Build a Fire. Old Lines contribute two vicious new tunes that bookend the release, while Potter’s contributions lay in the middle and consist of spoken word pieces that tackle complacency and normalization of loss of information privacy in the modern age." - Dying Scene


"The EP accomplishes what all good political punk music should…" - Blow the Scene


This is the first vinyl run via Life Advice Records, which is the new label imprint of Old Lines guitarist Mitch Roemer (formerly of Pulling Teeth).


Similar to stuff like the Man is the Bastard split with Mumia Abu-Jamal, Propagandhi’s use of Noam Chomsky lectures in their song "The State Lottery" and the split 7″ Will Potter did with Rise Against, “The Eco-Terrorist In Me.”