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Slant: Vain Attempt 7" (Sorry State exclusive color vinyl)

Slant: Vain Attempt 7" (Sorry State exclusive color vinyl)

Tags: · 10s · hardcore · punk · recommended · spo-default · spo-disabled
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Hyper-urgent and super pissed US style hardcore played by members of SCUMRAID and BLOODKROW BUTCHER with a cleaner than expected delivery given the pedigree. Tight, passionate and driven music that goes for the throat. Crew oriented but singularly realized. Not to be trifled with.  

*This press is a Sorry State EXCLUSIVE press featuring translucent greenish yellow vinyl!*

Our take: Debut 7” from this band featuring members of Scumraid and Bloodkrow Butcher. Slant don’t sound like either of those bands, though; they’re a fast and catchy hardcore band blending elements of harder UK82 (think the Partisans or Ultra Violent) and USHC. The riffs are straightforward but catchy, reminding me of LP-era Negative Approach, Out Cold, or SS Decontrol, but with harsher vocals that sound like early Warhead. It takes a sophisticated grasp of songwriting and arrangement to make meat and potatoes hardcore sound this great. Here’s hoping Vain Attempt isn’t a one-off, because the world needs more hardcore like this right now.