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Headsplitters: S/T 12"

Headsplitters: S/T 12"

Tags: · 10s · hardcore · new york · punk · recommended · spo-default · spo-disabled · USHC
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Debut of rampaging hardcore punk. After 2 demo tapes, a 7", and tours on both coasts with Extended Hell and Forward the band is ready put out their first full length release. 16 tracks of in-your-face burly punk with nods to Scandinavian bands like Svart Framtid and So Much Hate.


Released as they head off for a European tour with Canada's Languid.

Our take: Debut 12” from this New York hardcore punk band that impressed me when they toured with Forward last year. With sixteen tracks (still at 45RPM though!) this is one of the longer hardcore 12”s I’ve heard in some time, and it’s clear that Headsplitters are full of ideas. In contrast to many hardcore bands who seem to have one or two ideas they wring dry, Headsplitters have a ton going on. Their default mode is a thrashy take on 80s hardcore that reminds me a lot of Direct Control. Not only are Headsplitters also a three piece but also they have a similar way of writing riffs and, like Direct Control, while their songs seem to be all about speed and power there’s a subtle melodicism and sense of song craft underpinning everything. However, that only partially describes this record. There are also two instrumentals (one guitar, one piano!), more metallic songs like “Burning Winds,” and an anthemic, almost street punk element that comes out on tracks like “Desensitized” and the killer opener “Faces Change.” While it’s all hardcore punk, I love that Headsplitters aren’t basing their entire existence as a band on just one classic record. Throw in some killer artwork and you have a top-notch hardcore punk release.