R.M.F.C.: Hive 1 + 2 12"

R.M.F.C.: Hive 1 + 2 12"

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We "invented" the DEVO-CORE so here is more for you freaks! 


Child prodigy Buz Clatworthy's latest and greatest project! Features some very tight riffs and some of the catchiest song writing we've heard in a while. Reminds me of something that would fit right in to the NWI scene. 


Totally punk and totally weird at the same time. DEVO is an obvious band familiar, but there’ve been many bands since those Ohio freaks exploded the scene whose sounds ooze out of these electronic punk spasms made by R.M.F.C (GERTY FARISH, JAY REATARD, PARASITES OF THE WESTERN WORLD, and THE GIRLS and (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS, the latter two of Boston, to name a few). 


R.M.F.C are making some really interesting punk in 2019. It keeps you guessing, and the band is tight as hell, which isn’t something I get to say about the punk I usually end up standing behind. It’s very true here though. Perhaps one of the the most sonically interesting bands currently creating noise for the plebs of our prison planet, all 11 tracks of this platter are essential. 


Meanwhile, the lo-fi recording is a key element to the sound, giving fuzzy guitars and bass and muddled drums and vocals. It plays well with the teen-age themes the band touches on. 


So if your into EGGPUNK or DEVO CORE that matter, you'll definitely dig! DEVO-CORE, EGGPUNK, Whatever - this shit bumps! You need to jam this EP NOW, because Skull Cult is stupidly amazing. I don’t care what any of you nudniks have to say, ROCK MUSIC FAN CLUB is a movement I can fuckin’ get behind! 

Our take: LP compiling two cassette releases from this bedroom project from Australia, though the sound is three dimensional and organic enough that I’m surprised all of this racket is being made by one person. I can’t imagine there’s a piece of writing about RMFC that doesn’t mention the Coneheads, because the singer’s robotic monotone sounds very similar. Musically, though, RMFC aren’t as jittery; instead, most of their tracks remind me of Andy Human & the Reptoids’ futuristic take on catchy garage-punk. The songs are top notch and the recording is raw in all the right ways, so where is RMFC’s Total Punk single?