Sic: High Voltage & Uncontrolled 12''

Sic: High Voltage & Uncontrolled 12''

Tags: · 70s · proto-punk · reissues · spo-default · spo-disabled · synth-punk
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19 songs of telluric chaos recorded and mixed on a reel to reel SONY TC 630 in Francis Pourcel’s attic in 1977 by Alain Neffe ( Pseudocode , Kosmose , Human Flesh , ... and founder of INSANE MUSIC label ).


SIC 's music sounds "proto-punk" going to " loud synth-punk" , made by experimental musicians Francis (guitar), Alain (bass-synth) , joined by Mario (drums) and the "High Voltage" voice of Micheline.


All the LP sounds like a wall of noise and sounds like an UFO in the Belgain music landscape , something you could put aside the "Blast-Hope" 7" or "S To S" lp for his sound assault and timeless style , mixing genres from 70's "Stoogian" hard rock wall of noise to early Cabaret Voltaire synth/post punk experiments .


After a number of explosive gigs , they split in the late 70's , Alain  continued on making all kinds of electronic experiments with a lot of projects and bands and kept running INSANE MUSIC label ,still alive today. Francis and Micheline will give a "new-wave" sound to SIC as a duo , and put out 3 excellent minimal wave singles early in the 80's .


33 rpm lp , double color insert , 500 copies made