The Smashing Times: This Sporting Life 12"

The Smashing Times: This Sporting Life 12"

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Monday, In a Small Dull Town,
Familiarity breeds contempt
And everything in a small town is familiar
The Smashing Times spend the day listening to the radio
Billy Liar plays guitar.
Rowan Morrison on Drums
Dan Treacy calls on the telephone.
Monday, Monday, Monday.
Town poets need patience, even when their friends are out of breath
"The trains don’t run on time and nobody gets out alive"
But you can still get by in Baltimore with a 12 string and a few tight rhymes
Oh so surreal. 2 tracks 45RPM

Smashing Times “This Sporting Life” LP
“I know where Dan Treacy Lives”
And so do you if you live in Baltimore
You may try to look them up neé Barrett, neé Clark
But just ask the Postman, they reside under the name
The Smashing Times.

Known poets about town, Filthy mother nature’s sons,
Called out for Tea Cozies and old wrinkled clothes,
But put on ‘oh so well’- with Jangle and Verve
“the night belongs to poets and madmen “
Drinking cups of hot tea after a dance alone in the rain
A Tom Courtney Movie plays in the background.
Oh so surreal.
14 tracks 33RPM .

  • Label: K Records
  • Format Type: 12"
  • Genre: Rock
  • Genre Style: indie