Dachau: Tuomiopaiva 7"

Dachau: Tuomiopaiva 7"

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Finnish HC
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After four decades Dachau’s debut EP is finally available on vinyl.

In 1982 DACHAU visited the studio to record four tracks of post-apocalyptic styled hardcore. Two songs were released on the Russia Bombs Finland compilation LP and the other two have circled the scene as tape copies only.

Now all four tracks are available on vinyl for the first time as Finnish Hardcore puts out DACHAU: Tuomiopäivä-EP 7” (FINHC-018).

This single-sided 7” is housed in a 12-page booklet sleeve including photos and interviews (in Finnish) from various fanzines of the era. EP is mastered by Jari Mikkola (AIVOPROTEESI).

Our take: You might remember Dachau from the Russia Bombs Finland compilation. They never released vinyl of their own while they were a band in mid-80s Finland, but the Finnish Hardcore label has righted that wrong with this release. Tuomiopaiva is the full session that yielded Dachau’s Russia Bombs Finland tracks, featuring the two songs that appeared on the record and two others from the same recording session. Though Dachau’s recording sounds far more primitive recording than the other, more well-known bands on that compilation, the band was powerful. They sound a lot like Kaaos to me, with moments of ripping punctuated with tense, mid-paced UK82-style tracks. If Dachau could have mustered stronger production values and gotten their own record out in their heyday, I’m sure it would be a classic, but I’m glad we have this approximation, particularly with the booklet filled with original fanzine clippings about the band to help set the vibe.