Verdict: The Rat Race 12"
Verdict: The Rat Race 12"

Verdict: The Rat Race 12"

Tags: · 12" · 2024 · 20s · crust · D-beat · hardcore · hcpmf · Mint (M) · Near Mint (NM or M-) · Phobia Records · sweden · swedish
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2nd album from "all-star" d-beat band from Sweden.

Our take: We named this Swedish group’s first album, Time to Resign, Record of the Week back in 2022, and Verdict doesn’t lose a step on this follow-up. Featuring personnel from Dischange, Meanwhile, No Security, Disfear and many others, Verdict executes their take on mangel with surgical precision. The strengths they displayed on Time to Resign remain intact: the incredible riffing (they’re as strong with a manic tempo like “Demons” as they are with a groovier one like “R.A.G.E.”), the bruising rhythm section (check those ultra-tight punches on “Vulture’s Feast”), and the English-language lyrics (which still feel novel given so many Swedish bands in this style sing in their native language). One thing that stands out to me on The Rat Race, however, is the lead playing. These aren’t the rock’n’roll or metal-style leads you might expect… these leads are relatively simple, sit deeper in the mix, and often push the songs to crescendos that sound totally epic. I hate to use that adjective to describe a record like this because it might seem like I’m implying stadium crust vibes, but that isn’t the case at all… what I’m getting at is that the leads feel like they push the songs to this zone of extra intensity rather than simply breaking up or adding variety to the songs. Also, shout out to the bass intro for “Another Day in Paradise,” which is sick as fuck. Verdict are masters of the form, and anyone with a passion for Swedish mangel is gonna fucking love The Rat Race.
  • Label: Phobia Records
  • Format Type: 12"
  • Media Condition: Mint (M)
  • Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
  • Genre: hardcore
  • Genre Style: D-beat
  • Year: 2024