Various: Bloodstains Across Virginia 12"

Prompt Critic Productions


Fifteen essential punk rock blasts from the state of Virginia! 100% killer and rare punk released between '78 and '83, the vast majority of which has never been reissued or comped. Tracks from The Zits, Prevaricators, Lamour, Noys, Barriers, Beex, Insinuations, Naros, Chumps, Citizen 23, Raticals, Next of Kin, and Ricky & The White Boys. A state-wide smash and highly worthy addition to the Bloodstains series!

Our take: Man, you'd think that this late in the game there wouldn't be enough uncomped material out there to put together one of these regionally-focused Bloodstains compilations, but Bloodstains Across Virginia succeeds admirably. I grew up in Virginia and whiled away much of my youth in the dingy used bins of the state's record stores, but aside from the Prevaricators single and perhaps the Beex I don't think I've ever seen a single one of these records in person, and I don't think I'd heard any of the others either. There are, however, connections to things that I recognize... a few of the releases are on Zero Degree Records (who you might remember from the White Cross records), and a couple of tracks are taken from a compilation LP of bands that regularly played the Taj Mahal club in Norfolk (I think?), which I recognize from a few old flyers I've seen around. And then there are bands like Next of Kin--a band from Charlottesville who played the frat house gig circuit in that college town--that I doubt anyone without a PhD in punk history has heard of. The real pick of the litter, though, is the single from northern Virginia's the Zits (of which both sides appear here), whose "Beat Your Face" sounds like a long-lost outtake from the first GG Allin LP. But anyway, like the best of these comps, Bloodstains Across Virginia manages to distill everything down to the hits and makes every track sound even better than it probably would have if you heard these singles in their original form, yet you won't be able to resist adding most of these to your eBay saved searches and Discogs wants lists anyway. Highly recommended.
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