Fried Egg: Back and Forth 7"

Beach Impediment Records


Brand new EP from these Richmond hardcore ragers... definitely a step up from their already awesome previous work.

Our take: When I wrote about Fried Egg’s previous 7” I remember noting that they were kind of teetering on the edge between being a weird / outsider-type hardcore band and a really straightforward one. For whatever reason, I assumed that as they continued to develop their chops they would continue to go out there musically and get weirder and more unsettling… however, with Back and Forth they’ve really done the opposite of what I expected by stripping things down and getting way meaner and more savage. As you might expect given the band’s move to Beach Impediment with this release, Back and Forth is full-bore hardcore; sure, the riffs and arrangements are clever and well put-together, but they’re also brutally succinct and to the point. And I can’t help but mention the absolutely savage vocal performance here. I actually mentioned to Sam (who plays bass in Fried Egg and also runs Feel It Records) how much I was blown away by the vocals, and he told me that the band recorded everything for this record live, including the vocals. You can really tell, because the singer is clearly pushing a ton of air through his throat in order to compete with the band’s volume and power, and it sounds like they’re also recorded slightly in the red, further accentuating the raw intensity. Beach Impediment has long ago established itself as the home of the best purist hardcore, and Fried Egg’s place on their roster is extremely fitting.
Tags: 10s hardcore recommended richmond ushc