Fried E/M: S/T 7"

Lumpy Records


Ripping new stl band. Ballsy punk with a hc edge.  Bugman's delight. Risographed sleeves + a double sided lyric sheet.  Cover drawn by MOLLY STEIN, Bugman's 15 year old sister.

Our take: Debut record from this new band out of St. Louis, but if you blindfolded me (actually, I’m not really sure why you would have to blindfold me, but I guess that’s how these sayings go) and told me this was from New York I would have no trouble believing it, except perhaps for the fact that it’s recorded much better than a lot of the Toxic State-type stuff that it sounds like. The band that Fried E.M. sound the most like is Crazy Spirit, though they’re a hair faster, they don’t tend to hang on riffs in that Krautrock-y way that CS do, and they’re more apt to reach for whiplash, hardcore-style changes and transitions. I think there’s also something of Kaleidoscope’s somewhat more ambitious, more psychedelic take on this sound here… or at the very least if you dig what Kaleidoscope are doing I think you’d probably like Fried E.M. too. Now that the New Yorkers seem to have abandoned this sound, it’s time for the cretins of the country’s less trafficked areas like the midwest and the south to take up the torch and march this sound into its most twisted and contorted depths. I must say I’m looking forward to that journey.
Tags: 10s hardcore midwest punk recommended