Billy Strings: Live Vol. 1 12"

Billy Strings: Live Vol. 1 12"

Tags: · 12" · 2024 · 20s · bluegrass · country · Folk World & Country · Reprise Records
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Billy Strings, born William Apostol on October 3, 1992, in Lansing, Michigan, is an acclaimed American guitarist and bluegrass musician. He developed a deep love for bluegrass music at an early age, heavily influenced by his stepfather, Terry Barber, who introduced him to the genre. Billy's virtuosic guitar playing and innovative approach to traditional bluegrass have garnered widespread recognition and acclaim.

Strings released his debut album, "Turmoil & Tinfoil," in 2017, showcasing his extraordinary talent and blending of bluegrass with other musical influences such as rock and psychedelia. His follow-up album, "Home," released in 2019, won the Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album, further cementing his reputation as one of the leading figures in contemporary bluegrass music.

Known for his electrifying live performances, Billy Strings has built a dedicated fanbase and continues to push the boundaries of bluegrass with his technical prowess, energetic stage presence, and willingness to experiment with different musical styles.

  • Label: Reprise Records
  • Format Type: 12"
  • Genre: Folk, World, & Country
  • Year: 2024