Usman: SSR Picks: April 28, 2022

Hello, and thank you for reading. Today I write about CONSEC from Athens, Georgia. They just released a new flexi on Futile Force. The label is operated by the vocalist of the band, Reeth. He actually recorded, mixed, and mastered this release as well! I became friends with the bassist of the band, Zach, when SCARECROW was down in Charlotte some years ago. (If yer reading this, what up ya’ll!) I don’t think CONSEC was a band back then, but I could be wrong. Anyway, Zach hit me up a few months ago to book CONSEC and unfortunately the date couldn’t work out on my end. I was lucky enough to hear the flexi tracks at this point it time as well. But after hearing it I was really bummed the show didn’t work out, cos I think this shit fucking rips. We did have the privilege of bringing them up here to gig with ZORN soon after though, so I got to see ‘em rip in real life in the end. I’ve been excited to get these in stock since I heard it, and the finally arrived today after some postal delays. Definitely check out the link I dropped above and grab a copy if you dig it! I look forward to what they do next. Cheers, and also fuck everyone that I think sucks.

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