Usman's Staff Pick: November 10, 2022

Hello and thanks for reading. Today I will write about this recent KAAOS reissue we got from Sonarize Records. This LP was initially released in 2019 on Fight Records, which is when I picked up my copy. I could’ve sworn I wrote about this release at that time, but I can’t find it anywhere, so here we go. I feel like Fight Records is not heavily distributed in the States, so it’s cool that we have now a version that is more available here. This LP features a recording session from late 1983. You can see that the majority of these songs we re-recorded very soon after and properly released as their debut LP, Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos. While these early versions are being released decades later, it’s actually not the first time they appear on vinyl. In 1996, Fight Records alongside Fallen Records, released 8 of these tracks as the Valtio Tuhoaa Ei Rakenna 7”. I do have that record, but I am very happy to have the complete session on this disc as these tracks deserved to be released. The session is not exactly top-notch quality when it comes to sound but trust me it fucking rages, you won’t be let down!! I could go on for a bit longer about the band’s small line-up changes during these sessions, but I think I will leave it here for today. If you missed out on the Fight version of this LP, definitely pick up a copy of this one! Thanks for reading and thanks for the support! Peace.

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