Usman's Staff Pick: June 3, 2024

Hi and thanks for reading! Last week I totally forgot that we'd be squeezing in one more newsletter before leave for tour and I am not ready at all, whoops. While I am writing this on Friday, you will likely be reading this while we are flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Or maybe we will be in Stockholm already? Who knows. Hopefully all goes smooth, I have so much anxiety when it comes to flying. My friend Michael did give me some sound advice in the event of a plane crash. He informed me that sharks only attack white people, so I should go against my instincts and swim away from my friends if the plane were to go down. I didn't realize sharks only attack white people, but it makes perfect sense. I remember learning that sharks like light, reflective surfaces—like that of pasty white ass passengers heading to Sweden—that I will now be swimming away from. Thanks Michael.

Since I am ill-prepared, I am going to take this time and space to promote some of my own shit. In preparation for tour, SCARECROW recorded a handful of new songs and put them on a tape. This tape isn't available via mailorder yet, but you can listen to most of it here. I say most of it cos the B side is all cover songs, and you can't stream those online. I am super happy to say we bust out a fuckin HERATŸS cover. Jeff and I have obsessed over this band just as hard as TOTALITÄR. Red translated the verses to English but left the chorus and breakdown in Finnish. We also recorded a BROKEN BONES and an AGENT ORANGE cover—which the jcard obviously directly ripped off. On the A side are three totally new songs that have been written alongside like ten others. We need to write a few more and then the plan is to record for an LP. We recorded all this stuff pretty quickly in our rehearsal space. We typically record in our rehearsal space, but with much more proper equipment. This recording was done with one of those Zoom recorders. There was one mic on each cab, one mic on the kick, and only one overhead mic above the drums. Oh yes, and of course the handheld device has two mics built into it to pick up the sound of the room. Given how little Jeff had to work with on the inputs, man he really killed it with the mix. I'm really happy with the sound, it sounds good enough for a record to me, haha. Jeff rules.

When we get back from tour, we are gunna have those tapes available for mailorder alongside a brand-new release on BPDT from GEFYR and RAT CAGE! There will a Swedish pressing available at the same time from Flyktsoda. They also released the Swedish pressing of the SLAN 7" that Jeff and I previously released on BPDT. Just like SLAN, GEFYR is also from Sweden and absolutely fucking rips. Maybe they are not on anyone's radar really? But we did stock their debut LP not too long ago. It actually looks like we have a few in stock right now. This record is way too fucking good. My homie Alex Reed showed it to me, and it blew me away right out the gate. I wrote about the LP previously, but you can jam it here if you aren't familiar. These guys are from the same town where NO SECURITY was from, which is the same place where TOTALITÄR originated as well. GEFYR's origin is evident as soon as you crank this bad boy, cos all I hear is pure NO SECURITY. There is more at play of course, but they have such a thrashy, pummeling sound. I really can't get enough of GEFYR, and this LP has stayed close to my turntable since it was released. And of course, Bry of RAT CAGE was already tuned right into GEFYR, and this beautiful split is happening as a result. I don't think RAT CAGE needs an any introduction whatsoever. After countless bangers, I think RAT CAGE is known a bit across all continents. I unfortunately have yet to catch them live, but I have consistently heard they are unbelievably amazing. I am happy to say that we will have a chance to catch both GEFYR and SLAN on tour! Alright, thanks all for this week. Thanks for reading, and thanks so much for everyone's support!

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