Usman's Staff Pick: December 1, 2022

Hello and thanks for reading! Today I write about HORRID PEACE, a brand-new band from Richmond. I think this is more of a studio project, or at least that’s the way it was intended to be initially. They debut here with 4 tracks of heavy, fuzzed out Dis-beat on also brand-new label, Acute Noise Manufacture! ANM is a Richmond based label that is operated by the bassist of DESTRUCT, Patrick. He also plays bass on this release. He is not the only member from DESTRUCT involved in this project though; drummer Alex takes on vocal duties in HORRID PEACE. Knowing this band features members of powerhouse DESTRUCT, you can probably get an idea of what you’re getting into here, however HORRID PEACE has a bit more of “traditional” approach to things, with more straight-forward songwriting. I hear some serious influences from early-mid era DOOM, alongside maybe some 90s Japanese crust. Up next on ANM is a DESTRUCT 7", and I cannot wait for that! Alright I’ve got to run now.. thanks for reading, and check out this EP!

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