Usman's SSR Pick: September 8, 2022

A few days after we returned home from tour, my homie Alex (WHAT UP!) sent me a link to this new LP from GEFYR. It took me a few days to get around to listening to it, but when I did, I was pretty excited about this one. I still haven’t checked out their previous releases. It looks like they go back about 5 years. I’ve listened to this LP probably close to ten times in the last 24 hours. To be honest, I didn’t like the art. I would’ve ignorantly passed it over based on that, if not for my friend. Maybe that’s too honest? I don’t care, but I don’t mean to offend anyone. The record is really good, and it doesn’t matter what the art or name is in the end. This was a similar theme for legendary band, TOTALITÄR. Also similar to TOTALITÄR, GEFYR is from the same city in Sweden! Very cool. When I first put this record on, I can hear many elements of TOTALITÄR. The riffs are blazing, the tone is punishing, and the d-beat is pummeling. But upon a closer listen I actually hear so much NO SECURITY. For example, on track 1, the chorus followed by the build-up of punches that actually leads back into a d-beat conclusion—that’s some metallic shit I could imagine NO SECURITY executing with hardcore precision. Of course, the vocal placement and riffs add a ton to what I am talking about. I like that on this record there are varying tempos of d-beat. Sometimes bands play one or maybe two tempos on a record and that’s it, but this drummer plays at like 3 or 4 different paces. It keeps me on my toes. While the band reminds me of those classics I named above, they obviously sound contemporary. Sometimes they squeeze in a measure or two of pogo’s between the D’s, and sometimes they go from a fast d-beat to a slow d-beat within the same song. I usually hate that kind of stuff. But instead of being boring about it, this band can actually pull it off with some taste. Sometimes they play so fast it’s hard to handle. Pure mangel, seriously. I would love to see this band live!! Alright that is all for today, check it out and grab a copy before we sell out! Thanks for reading everyone.

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