Usman's SSR Pick: May 26, 2022

Hello readers and thank you for reading. Today I will be here with the quickness to mention the repress we just got of the RECKONING FORCE 12”. Their debut LP Broken State maintained a spot on the top of the Sorry State charts for weeks on end when we initially stocked it, and for good reason. This record is fucking pummeling. I’ve been lucky enough to catch ‘em live a few times and god damn they do not disappoint. The drumming is ripping with catchy punches that lock right in with the guitarist’s lightning fast strumming hand. Fucking hell. They seriously shred. If you slept on this record, now is the time to wake the fuck up. If I am being totally honest with you, I slept on this LP for a few days cos the art did not really do it for me. Artwork is probably the least of my concerns when it comes to hardcore, but artwork can certainly draw me towards to record (for better or worse.) Shit, TOTALITÄR is one of my favorite bands and art was certainly not their forte haha. Anyway, I was working at the warehouse when I heard this absolutely pummeling hardcore coming from the fulfillment room and I rushed over to discover that Daniel was blasting their (then brand-new) 12". I bought a copy immediately. Maybe I should’ve waited for this sick silver version though... Fuck it, maybe I’ll buy both. This style of hardcore isn’t necessarily my go-to, but then again I’m not really sure how to stereotype this record into one of the sub-genres of hardcore. Some elements of the band remind me of WASTED TIME. Their styles are similar, and both bands go hard as fuck. I am not well-rounded on 80s USHC so I have no idea what to compare it to when it comes to the classics, but I am sure they have plenty of 80s influences. This Norfolk crew always seems busy with their projects, so I am sure RECKONING FORCE will lay down another hot ass slab for our turntables sooner than later, and I can’t wait. Alright, thanks for reading. If anyone from RECKONING FORCE is reading this, what up mofos!!! Thanks to everyone for the support. Peace!

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