Usman's SSR Pick: May 12, 2022

Hello, and thank you for reading. I went to a few gigs over the weekend and had a blast. I saw QUARANTINE, who ruled. No surprise there. I was happy to get some hangs in and grab one of their tour tapes. Luckily, they put it online so everyone can hear it even if you don’t have a copy. Hell yes. This band rules and everyone in the band also fucking rules. I can’t wait to hear what is next for them. Alright, so we just got the new RIGOROUS INSTITUTION 12” last night. I’ve only listened to it one and half times, but I think I like it a lot, so I am mentioning it here. I just now discovered you can jam it online already here, actually. I don’t think this band needs an introduction, right? To be honest, when I listen to this band, I can’t tell what I even like about it. But it always keeps me listening. That’s why I said “I think” I like it haha. It’s a weird feeling. I think it makes me feel uncomfortable cos of the way the songs are written. I’m not sure. It certainly doesn’t bring me a feeling of joy, and it doesn’t bring me the satisfaction of teeth-grinding hardcore. The songs almost creep along. They aren’t driving, and they are not catchy. It kinda sounds like you are wading through some nightmarish swamp of shit, and the air you’re breathing is humid with a suffocating stench. The vocals are prominent in mix and sound just simply gross. It truly completes the sound. Anguish. That is what is sounds like. Does that sound like something you want to hear? Alright that’s all then, thanks for reading and thanks to everyone for the support.

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