Usman's SSR Pick: June 16, 2022

Hello readers and friends alike, thank you for reading. I’ve been busy as hell the past what seems like forever. Last week was ABSOLUT / DESTRUCT tour, which I “managed” and drove ABSOLUT. This weekend is the Philly fest, Something To Talk About, and SCARECROW will be playing. I just got done printing some makeshift covers for our new EP for the gig. The EP should be properly released by the beginning of July. Anyway, when I was in Philly on tour last week, I had the privilege of witnessing DELCO MOTHERFUCKERS perform live at Fotoclub. God damn. I had seen some quick vids online, so I had somewhat of an idea of what I was in for, but nothing will compare to catching them in real life. This recording is insane, it is fucked up, and it is fast. The recording session is just the vocalist, Jim (what up MF), playing every instrument. I’m not sure if Jim can actually “play” the drums? But he holds it down and rips it the fuck up. Honestly, if you played me this recording with no context, I would guess it was some old ‘80s USHC band, and I really like that about it. When SCARECROW returns to Philly this weekend, we will pick up a fat stack of the EPs for Sorry State, so check it out in the meantime and be sure to grab a copy once we got ‘em in stock if you like what you hear! Alright thanks for reading, peace!

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