SSR Picks: Usman - March 10 2022

Hello and thanks for reading. I’ve been moving the past few weeks, very slowly. It’s an hour drive one way, so I only have good opportunities on the weekend. Most of my belongings have moved but only a small portion of my records are at my new spot, which is why I said “very slowly,” haha. I move just a few boxes of LPs at time, so my selection is mad limited at my new crib. I’m pretty much just diving back into shit I haven’t jammed in ages. I just got done with that first WASTED TIME compilation, and now I’m moving onto my favorite (and only) SPITS LP. I didn’t get into THE SPITS until 10+ years after this came out, but I probably would not have liked it until later in life. I remember when my friend from ATX came to visit soon after I moved to Raleigh, and he called me poser for listening to something that was not blazing HC hahah... I first fell for this band when I heard “Let Us Play Your Party” and eventually I tracked this LP down. While that song closes out the A-side of the record, I really love the B-side. It’s actually just ended, and I’ve dropped the needle on B1 again.

Anyway, we have plenty of great records (and tapes) to write about, but I will embrace my inner fanboy and write about this TERVEET KÄDET book. I’ve raved about this label Finnish Hardcore in several Staff Picks, so it’s no surprise I am thoroughly impressed with their latest release. While this book is not loaded up with interviews and liner notes, it is brimming with fucking sick (and HUGE) photos. There is still bits of info surrounding each photo, however. I am grateful again for the English translations, cos there is some cool info/trivia about TERVEET KÄDET during these early years. The book itself is over 100 pages long, and it’s hand-numbered out of 600 copies. I could be wrong, but I think most of these photos have never been released. Some of them I recognized from TK records though, and of course they mention this in the book. I know for certain this book features photos by only one person, Heikki Kemppainen, spanning from 1980 to 1984. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about this person, and there is not much to learn about their history in Tornio, Finland from what the book says in the English translations. Alright I’m jamming SKITKIDS ‘Onna For Pleasure’ now, and it’s time for me to get back to work. If you are a fan of classic Finnish HC or TK in specific, I would grab a copy of this book cos you will not be let down! It’s not like that Sakevi book that has a shit ton of garbage that came later that no one gives a fuck about, haha or that one F.O.A.D. book where the last like 15 pages were just ads from the label... the name of that book escapes me at the moment. Anyway, thanks for reading, peace.

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