SSR Picks: Usman - February 10 2022

Hello and thanks for reading.

Last night I was on Instagram and I saw Ryvvolte had just dropped some stuff into their distro, including this cassette from LIFELOCK. This is a live tape from Pink Noize in 2015. I think this tape is excellent and not super common to come by so I thought I’d mention it. I picked up a copy when they were initially released cos I had already become obsessed with LIFELOCK via their debut EP. You just never know what yer gunna get when buying a live cassette haha. The tape has good sound quality, which is why I would recommend you pick up a copy if you are a fan of LIFELOCK but don’t have it. If you don’t know this band but like DISCHARGE and DISCLOSE, I would recommend you check the link above and definitely check out their 2018 EP as well; the tone is insane. I feel like this band is so good that you don’t need to be obsessed with D-beat to like them, so if you pass ‘em over based on aesthetic I might have another look if I was you. Alright thanks for reading, I hope everyone is well. Peace.

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