SSR Picks: Usman - April 7 2022

Hello, and thanks for reading.

I don’t have much time to write today, but I would like to make the time to correct something that I was wrong about last week. But first, let me quickly mention these brand new reissues from T.H.E. Rutto! The OGs are sought after, so I am happy it has finally been reissued and I can add them to my collection. I first heard of RUTTO from their second EP cos it appeared on the ‘Finnish Drunks’ bootleg 12”. I’m not sure if it’s cos I’ve spent more time with this EP, but I prefer it over the first one. I would check both out though if you aren’t familiar, and don’t sleep on grabbing copies cos there are only about 250 of each in the States. Alright moving on, I’m not sure how many people read what I write. If you do and you read about the KAAOS / CADGERS split last week, then please know that I was wrong about the pressing information I shared!! The person who told me the discs were the same pressing was completely wrong. Vote V. told me the first pressing was made in 1981 with a total of 200 copies. The bands made their own covers and shipped them to him. After 4-5 months, he had sold out and repressed the record in Spring of 1982. Finnvox (the pressing plant) had a minimum of 200 discs, but Vote bargained with them over the phone to have his pressing of 150 made cos he was tight on money. He also told me he had to borrow money from a friend to press the second batch! Funny to know that and see what they re-sell for nowadays. Anyway, again the band made their own covers and mailed them to him. The CADGERS cover remained the same while KAAOS had changed their cover, which meant the second press was not numbered like the initial one on the KAAOS sleeve. As you can see from my staff pic, I am huge fan of Finnish hardcore so I had a strong urge to correct what I said. I find it frustrating that I was given the wrong information, and I am embarrassed I shared it with such confidence. I want readers to be able to rely on my Staff Picks for accurate information, so please forgive my mistake. I will do better next time to fact check my findings. Cheers and thanks for your understanding.

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